Zoe is an interdisciplinary designer with twenty years of artistic work that has consistently elevated clients expectations for interiors and beyond with leading edge thought and a demand for beauty in life. NY-based with global ties, Zoe is an Aussie native bringing a friendly, thorough, and livable approach to her work. She celebrates that a space is where a life is lived and stories are shared.

Prior to joining the design world, Zoe worked in marketing, film and television in both Sydney and Los Angeles, including acting as Showrunner/ Producer/ Director of  the talk show “Life After Film School” on Fox Movie Channel.  She decided to focus her passion for design after studying residential remodeling at UCLA and working as a Project Manager at Aeries Development on high end residential remodeling projects.

An epicurean, Zoe brings a holistic approach to how every piece serves a purpose in the whole. She is passionate about ensuring her clients are surrounded by the beautiful and life enhancing while never forgetting the practical. She will consider your environment and needs down to where you’ll throw your keys to where the house pet will cozy up.

She draws her inspiration from her childhood growing up in Sydney and also from her years traveling the globe with her Producer parents, the family often decamping to locations such as Thailand and the Philippines for film projects. A visual hoarder through and through, Zoe taps into her far-flung travels in her buying work, to find you just the right colors, textures, soul and personality that will bring your space to life.

Zoe lives in Tribeca with her six-year old son, Wolfie.